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Standard Orchid

Masdevallia yungasensis

Masdevallia yungasensis

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Masdevallia yungasensis is from Bolivia. This species is an epiphyte found high in mountain cloud forests at elevations between 2,150 and 3,000 meters. Inflorescences measure 6 cm and bear solitary flowers that each measure 3 cm. Plants bloom from late summer into the winter season.

This plant is blooming size. Grow Masdevallia yungasensis in potted with a water retentive media such sphagnum moss, fine bark mixed with perlite or tree fern fiber. It needs shady conditions and should be kept evenly watered all year. Grow in a cool greenhouse with high humidity or indoors where cool night temperatures, humidity and air circulation can be provided. Ideally temperatures should be 50-60F at night and 65-80F during the day.

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