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Dracula vlad-tepes

Dracula vlad-tepes

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Dracula vlad-tepes is a great plant for cool IKEA Cabinet culture in the home or a cool basement under lights. This is a cool growing species.  It enjoys the high humidity afforded by the enclosed environment.

Light: Low, medium at most, no shadows cast.

Temp: Cool, 52-62 F Night, 65-78 F Day,

Water: Abundant clear water. They should not dry out completely. However, they should not be in standing water.

Humidity: 80-95%

Fertilizer: one-quarter strength applied monthly.

Potting Media: Tree fern fiber mixed with perlite, or bark mixed with sphagnum and perlite. Repotting frequently. Mounted also works very well. This plant also does well in a basket as sometimes the inflorescences like to grow down through the potting media.

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